Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 During installation.
 The old vent removed.

This rock was found on the roof after I pulled into my property. It was used during the attempted break-in thru the roof. I drove across 1/4 of Minnesota down I-35 with that on the roof and didn't know it. It would have been unfortunate if that fell off onto the highway and hit a car.

 The window was removed to replace broken glass and damaged screen.

Temporary panels put in place until repairs are done.

Monday, September 21, 2015

 I filled this garbage can up three times with all the garbage on the floor.

 Busted window soon to be repaired.

Both hub caps were full of dead ladybugs.

Here we have the old white original fridge to the left, and the brown electric Kenmore mini-fridge that had age but little use. It alone was basically worth half the value of what I paid for the camper. It took a lot of cleaning. I think I cleaned it four times. My daughter painted it blue and is using it at college.

This is how the burglars left it on the inside. The cabinets were more disassembled than destroyed. They should be very salvageable.

This is how I found it in the woods of northern Minnesota as I first went to look at it. The door was cut open during one past break-in.

These are old polaroid's of the camper from about twenty years ago. Photo credit goes to my coworker Mike who I bought the camper from. He sold it to me totally trashed from several break-in's. He sold it to me as is with everything inside. He didn't want to have to clean it up. I found a photo album in with all his former belonging's.